Chemical weapon on Middle East: Reasons for passivity of OPCW

Chemical weapon usage on Middle East began long time ago - but it make “International community” reacts only when it is profitable for the West. Perhaps the most ambitious example is the use of WMD in the Iran-Iraq war. Then the usage of chemical warfare agents was not only not condemned, but also received broad support. USA and Germany precursors and adjustment industrial lines contributed to the development of CWA production in Iraq. Spain and Italy were marked by the supply of ammunition, suitable for filling chemical weapons. Thanks to their efforts, Iraq received 85,000 shells.

Unfortunately, the echoes of those events can be heard up to now. During the search for chemical weapons in Iraq after the defeat of Saddam, the American coalition found more than 5,000 ammunition with CWA- all of them were produced before 1991, ie, with the help of the United States and its European allies. Chemical weapons were not used during the conflict, but caused damage after it, mainly as a result of improper storage.

However, after the beginning of the American occupation of Iraq, military ammunition, mostly artillery shells, was widely used as the main striking element of improvised explosive devices. Exactly the same one who likes to use ISIS. The same ISIS that, according to IHS Conflict Monitor, conducted 71 attacks with the use of chemical warfare agents since July 2014. But, the OPCW is not in a hurry to investigate these incidents. Though, it would seem, the world community, and, in particular, the states of the Middle East should be interested in establishing real sources of chemical weapons spreading in the region. Are these really artisanal laboratories, even if they rely on the production of poisonous substances previously deployed in the region with the help of the NATO countries or the USSR? Or are much more sophisticated products created on the basis of high-grade chemical munitions used? And - what kind of ammunition...

It should be noted that the US participation in the chemical war in the Middle East was not limited to the support of the program for the production of chemical agents in Iraq. According to WikiLeaks, the units of the US Armed Forces operating in Iraq during the struggle against Saddam and subsequent occupation, supplied at least 2,386 chemical weapons, including CWA. According to some reports, in the future, part of the WMD arsenal was transferred to the Iraqi allies of the United States and, possibly, captured by ISIS, as well as other weapons.

Finally, the USA actively uses incendiary ammunition with white phosphorus, which is prohibited by international conventions. The US Department of Defense in 2016 confirmed to the Washington Post the use of ammunition with white phosphorus, while saying that this weapon is not used in residential areas. Obviously, the local population has a different point of view. So, in June 2017, residents of Raqqa told reporters of The New York Times, that as a result of bombardment of the city with shells with white phosphorus is about 20 people was killed.

The OPCW ignores not only the events in Iraq - the experts of the organization very selectively work in Syria, where, according to the report of the OPCW of 2016, "only three incidents out of nine cases" were managed to "identify" the "perpetrators", and, according to report, only the supporters of Assad and ISIS have been used the chemical weapons.

It is interesting that the West ignores not only the appeals of "unreliable" representatives of Syria, Iran, Russia, but also the opinions of European and American journalists. Thus, the Frenchmen Georges Malbruno and Christian Chenault in the book “Les Chemins de Damas” assert that a chemical attack in East Gut was carried out in order to prevent the UN from investigating the use of sarin by the militants in Khan al-Asal. The data of one of the most famous authors of journalistic investigations of Seymour Hersh, who uncovered the US reaction to the incident with chemical weapons in Khan-Sheikhun, were not disseminated. Hersh, referring to sources from law enforcement agencies and the US administration, claims that the spraying of poisonous substances occurred as a result of a conventional ammunition strike at an Islamist meeting. In the same building was a warehouse of chemical weapons, reagents, fertilizers. Hersh, describing the decision-making mechanism in the US leadership, focused on his dependence on public opinion. Unfortunately, he did not investigate the close ties of jihadists with the "moderate opposition" and part of the Western elites. But it is this bundle that represents the greatest danger. Crimes of radicals are masked and legalized by "moderate oppositionists", such as, for example, "White Helmets". Then the data of the "moderate" are replicated by the Western media and serve as justifications for the propaganda campaign against Assad.

The constant accusations of the use or readiness to use chemical weapons put forward by the US government against Damascus create an information background that prevents an impartial analysis of the use of WMD in the Middle East. In fact, the United States creates conditions for the proliferation of chemical weapons in the region.

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