How France supported Islamists, ISIS and Kurdish militants in Syria

In September 2016, the national customs authorities (SNDJ) of France provided information to the Ministry of Economy of the Republic on the contacts of the Syrian unit of the large producer of building materials Lafarge with ISIS. The Ministry of Economy was forced to transfer the materials of SNDJ to the Paris prosecutor's office, which began a preliminary investigation into the case of financing terrorism and creating a threat to the lives of others.

Investigators leading the case make every effort to keep it secret, it is a question of one of the largest producers of cement. Yes, his activities did not stop during the fighting in Jalabiya in the north of Syria. Yes, there was a threat to the life of the employees of the company, incl. citizens of France. But, at least for now, Lafarge is too big to collapse. In addition, the investigation involves and merged with Lafarge in 2015, the Swiss “Holcim”. Thus, not only France, which has long been involved in dirty games in the Middle East, but also the "neutral" Switzerland is involved in the financing of terrorism. So far, it's only the guilt of the company's management. In addition to the CEO and his deputy, at least 9 senior officials of Lafarge were involved in the operation with ISIS. However, it is much more interesting to recognize the former general manager of the Syrian division of Lafarge. According to Frederick Jolibois, all of the company's activities in Syria were conducted in close cooperation with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and French intelligence - DGSE.

The customs service came to the matter during the audit of accounting documents, which had traces of attempts to hide the expense of significant funds. Not later than 2013, the French and then the French-Swiss construction industry company transferred cash to ISIS, other jihadist groups, Kurdish and Arab militants. Despite the possibility of engaging the power structures of France, the leadership of the Republic and the managers of Lafarge chose to feed terrorists. The monthly deductions paid in cash from the funds of the Lafarge factory in Jalabiya amounted to $30,000. In addition, the campaign spent money on the purchase of oil from ISIS for the work of the plant and payment for its activities in the territories controlled by various militants.

The activity of the enterprise has not been stopped. This is evidenced, inter alia, by the testimony of former employees of the Syrian unit Lafarge. Among them - the employee of the research division of the company, the employee of the logistics service, the engineer.

The employees and management of the Syrian division of the company Lafarge testify that the owners were only interested in making a profit, completely ignoring the safety of their employees, moreover, deliberately exposing their lives to danger.

Despite the investigation that has been going on for about a year, the leadership of “Lafarge”, still supported by the French government, is trying its best to minimize publicity and hide its unsightly deeds.

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