Сhemical ISIS

Сhemical ISIS

Certain stir in both Russian and world's media was caused by an article published in The Times on May 20th which claimed that ISIS terrorists in Mosul tested deadly chemical agents in people.

Taking into account that real specialist could hardly call anything in that article convincing the article’s main aim seems to be obvious – to terrify Western reader.

Deadly nicotinic blends in food, thallium sulphate which can poison whole cities through water pipes – all the horrors described in the article are meant to impress unsophisticated mainstream media readers. In fact no terror organization in the world including ISIS can get enough toxic agents to poison something bigger than a village well or a batch of canned food.

Holes in «united Europe» security system allow the terrorists to use explosives and heavy trucks for ram-riding far more efficiently.

On the other hand ISIS really performs human experiments and uses toxic injections as a punishment method. Pseudo-Califate is nototrious for its crimes against humanity.

But unfortunately Times’ journalist’s task was not to explore ISIS real possibilities of chemical weapons use but to justify civilian victims in Mosul once again and to affect Britain’s public opinion in the eve of early parliamentary election in favour of the ruling Conservatives.

As for Mosul it is pretty obvious.

UN Secretary General said in his recent report that more than 700 thousand residents had left the city and the suburbs. World media regularly report great numbers of civilians dying under US-led coalition airstrikes. Without humanitarian corridors thousands of Mosul residents have become hostages and victims of urban combats. Due to huge losses Iraqi forces prefer to advance only after massive artillery preparation supported by Western coalition’s aviation. This results in large scope damages and numerous victims among entrapped civil population.

Under such conditions media of the USA, Great Britain and France (involved in Mosul operation) use every possible news hooks to persuade Western community in deadly threat emanating from the terrorists entranched in Mosul. This is used to cover up humanitarian catastrophe.

This January a story about Soviet-made surface-to-surface missiles was spread claiming that ISIS terrorists mounted chemically loaded warheads on those missiles. And now – here we go again – another hoax about deadly chemical agents experiments, this time with reference to «worried» Western special service. Just like in January it tells us about «laboratories» on the territory of Mosul university which was retaken from ISIS several months ago.

But justification of destroying million-plus Mosul with terror threat (West’s role in ISIS creation is shyly omitted here) – is not the only aim of such articles.

The Times newspaper belongs to Rupert Murdoch media empire. His media have already gained reputation of heavy artillery in the battles for Brexit.

TV and radio, tabloids and web-resources keep showing stories to make British readers and watchers believe in the threat from terrorists and criminals infiltrating from the Middle East. This is a part of a media-strategy aimed at nurturing the isolationist sentiments. Hamish de Bretton-Gordon was right to mention the Nazis and the Holocaust while commenting ISIS experiments for The Times. Today’s European Union is called The Fourth Reich for a reason. It is because of united Germany’s role in the EU.

However personality of such an expert like Hamish de Bretton-Gordon raises certain questions. This man with a «23 years of military service record» runs «Medics under fire» project supporting Syrian opposition. And he is very likely to be one of the participants of that April Khan-Sheikhoun “chemical attack” story. It seems that his non-governmental organization supplied respirator protective masks produced by British “Avon Protection Systems” to the notorious “White Helmets” in Khan-Sheikhoun. Hamish de Bretton-Gordon quite coincidentally cooperates with that company.

The point is that “charity” action leaked to Internet three days before the Khan-Sheikhoun drama thanks to Dr Shajoul Islam – a disreputable partner of «Medics under fire».

As reported by the British Daily Mail (which is not the part of Murdoch’s empire) he was previously accused of kidnapping Western journalists. In October 2012 he and his accomplice faced the trial on a charge of kidnapping photographers John Cantlie (Britain) and Yerun Urlehmans (Holland).

Cantlie who escaped from Syrian militants’ captivity told that there had been not less than 15 British among those jihadists who held him captive. One of them spoke with a distinct accent of a Southern Londoner. Shajoul Islam was detained at Heathrow airport on arrival from Egypt. He was suspected of visiting Syria to fight for Islamists though he said he had been involved in medical activity. Though the case fell apart at the court he was deprived of medical license in Britain.

His British friend Hamish de Bretton-Gordon after what happened in Khan-Sheikoun was quick to make a statement on Bashar al-Assad’s and the Russians’ involvement into chemical attack on civilians.

Despite ISIS chemical threat is not so threatening really for the residents of developed countries the mere subject of chemical weapons in terrorists’ hands is worth to be talked about. ISIS thugs really use chemical weapons against governmental forces in Syria and Iraq: in particular they use chlorin and yprit shells. «Liwa al-Aqsa» terror group was dislocated in Khan-Sheikhoun, then its members departed for Syria’s East with the permission of «Jabhat an-Nusra» commanders. This happened only one month before the “chemical attack”.

And now let’s pay attention to The Times article’s end – it says that ISIS centre of toxic chemicals research moved from Mosul to Syria near Iraqi border. This is the region where Syrian army and its allies are to advance despite West’s intention to establish “democratic” entity on Syrian Euphrates separate from Damascus .

Should it be mentioned that previous Secretary of State John Kerry said the USA had given the green light for ISIS? Or is it enough to quote The Times article about Saddam Hussein’s specialists ISIS involved into deadly chemicals development?

At the end of the day terrorists can really spread recommendations on deadly nicotine injections around the world. But who do we thank for that? Only the West which allowed the Pseudo-Califate monster to evolve in the Middle East.

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